This World is My Place

I am co-editing ‘This World is My Place’: International Perspectives on Chicana/o Studies with Catherine Leen, NUI, Maynooth. The introduction is completed and we are awaiting the final versions of the contributors’ chapters.  I have just finished reading Catherine’s chapter and it is an insightful comparison between Irish and Chicana artists who use religious iconography in their art.  She includes reference to Wanted: Terrorist, La Virgen de Guadalupe by Ester Hernandez which I include here as a taster of the work that she will be talking about.

The title of the book is taken from a poem by  Bernadette García, who is demanding her place in academia as well as that of other writers outside of the traditional parameters of learned institutions.

This is an opener for a future plan to write something soon on the process of co-editing, which I really enjoy and have repeatedly undertaken.

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