I am a Latin Americanist with a particular focus on Mexican film and literature. My key research interest is in the multiple representations of conflict in literature and film. This begins with the Mexican Revolution, right through to the 1968 student movement, Zapatismo, and, most recently, Narcoviolence. I’ve also written about queer representations and digital cultures (including blogging and web 2.0, such as the use of social networking sites, YouTube etc by authors and online creators). This has led me to consider the boundaries between amateur and professional creativity and (sometimes self-) curation online. You can see more in my publication and presentation sections.

On this site I have a database on conflict in Mexican film. If you are someone who wants to contribute to this project, you may submit a summary of a Mexican film that has conflict as a major theme or plot element.

I am a regular blogger. Some of my posts appear here, and I have also written blogs for other collaborative sites including Mediático (where I’m a contributing editor), The Conversation, the IMLR, and  CSTonline.

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