Miguel Mihura

A close reading of Una mujer cualquiera (Rafael Gil, 1949) has led me to consider the comic writer, dramatist, and scriptwriter, Migues Mihura (1905-1977). Best known for the film Bienvenido, Mr. Marshall (Luis García Berlanga, 1953). Trying to puzzle through who he as I came across an engaging analysis of his use of humour by Emeterio Díez (2002). In the article Díez compiles a long list of adjectives used about Mihura across a range of obituaries that I want to share, here.

He obviously divided opinion. Getting to the crux of what his work dealt with requires navigating someone who was variable, contradictory, and mutable.

Work Cited

Díez, Emeterio. 2002. “Miguel Mihura: ‘Yo No Soy La Mata-Hari.’” Anales de La Literatura Española Contemporánea 27 (1): 69-87.

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