María Félix – Makeup Tutorials

This is an aggregate post collecting transformations into María Félix using makeup and props.

“Vintage Icons | Maria Felix Transformation Makeup Tutorial” Vintage fashion and makeup vlogger, Vicky Bermudez, has a seven minute tutorial with keen insights into Félix’s brow and eye make-up. Her introduction to Félix is brilliant. I particularly liked her insightful assessment, “This woman had absolutely no filter. Such a strong personality and character.” Posted 11 July 2019 with 8,085 views.

” Makeup Characterization Maria Felix” Make up artist Erik Gerson has a short three minute video. The tutorial only starts 54 seconds having used a star vid by way of introduction. He starts with contouring, fast forwards to some of the eye make up, There is no speaking. It’s accompanied by Dmitri from Paris “Une Very Stylish Fille”. Posted 12 January 2016 with 54,859 views.

Maquillaje Maria Felix La Doña” Manita de Gato México has a longer 17 minutes video. It has a long preamble that is about asserting Félix’s fame to a viewership she expects to be familiar with la Doña. It is a video of its time, that is early in the evolution of beauty vlogging. It carries out the work with few edits and with pauses and close-ups. Posted 31 July 2014 with 22,072 views.

Thalía as María Félix The pop star Thalía demonstrated her fandom and ability to transform into Félix. On the Hola magazine page there is a 12 second transformation video. Posted 9th April 2020.

10 April 2020, the end result.

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