La Generala

Media Type: Film

Year: 1966

Who wrote / made it : Juan Ibáñez

Plot summary: María Félix’s last Revolutionary film, La Generala, was a disaster on a lot of fronts, particularly financially and aesthetically. The plot is absurd. It includes an incestuous relationship, a love triangle representing the class struggle, a bizarre surrealistic dream sequence, and Félix dressed in late 1960s-style leather outfits. Other characters include a screaming madwoman and a mute dwarf sidekick, all set amidst brutally violent plot elements. Unlike her other films, which are about a heightened, more glamorous representation of reality, La Generala brought surrealism into a genre removed from the brutal, bloody and oppositional reality of war in the films made by the generation of filmmakers of the nuevo cine group.

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