Mexican Film of the 80s: ¿El cine de la crisis? / Cinema of Crisis? – SCMS and Morelia Film Festival

From March 25-28, I attended the Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference in Montréal. I gave a paper,“Taste, Trash, and Distinction: Historical Lessons from Mexican Screen Studies”, as part of a panel, ‘The Cinema of “Crisis” Reading 1980s Mexican Film against the Grain’ organised by Olivia Consentino, Ohio State University. In attendance was Ma.Cristina Alemán from the Morelia Film Festival, who wrote up a review of the panel, “¿El cine de la crisis? producciones mexicanas en los 80” (in Spanish) and Cinema of Crisis? Mexican Films Produced in the 80s (in English). The panel drew a good crowd and resulted in a very engaging discussion. There are plans to publish this material in a collected edition in the near future.

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