Zapatistas and Zapatismo

As part of the Tate Livepool’s exhibit “Art Turning Left”, in January I gave a talk about the film set in the Zapatista territory, Corazón del tiempo/Heart of Time (Alberto Cortés, 2008): This is a film I have discussed in my recent book Revolution and Rebellion in Mexican Cinema. As often happens when you turn your attention to an area, again, other related articles pop up.

Here are two online links to the Zapatistas and Zapatismo that I came across in the last two days. The first considers “The Revolutionary Resonance of Praxis: Zapatismo as Public Pedagogy” and is published on the Re.Framing Activism blog: The second: can be found in The Irish Times in a review of the poetry of Óscar Oliva. Both of these provide useful insight into the historical context as well as being focused on a particular aspect of the legacy of the struggle.

This year is a significant one for Zapatismo as it is 20 years since the start of the rebellion, so expect to see much more as the year progresses.

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